Sunday, 3 June 2018

Book Review: Talon by Theresa Hissong

My Review:
I love my shifter books and this is the first one I have read based on a Panther shifter. The book had me hooked from the start and I never wanted to put it down. I just had to started book 2 before I wrote this review as I just had to see what happened next. I love this authors books and this one is just as good as her others.

The most interesting thing to me is that a mated or potential mate female will feel pain at the touch of another male other than her mate. This is something different as I have never read a shifter book with it. These panther shifters know their mates not only by instinct but also by the first touch as well.

This group of Shifters is a secretive as most except they have now been discovered when two panthers in Talon's Pride are photographed in their shifted forms on the edge of the forest. Talon is now forced to explain their existence, their non-threatening presence to the humans and still keep from acknowledging that there are other Shifters out there. Unfortunately, the villain in this story doesn’t accept that Talon avoided acknowledging other Shifters, he only sees that Talon’s non-specific answer has outed every shifter, everywhere and in his deluded mind Talon must now pay.

Liberty owns the local bar. She and her sister, Nova, run the place since their father’s death. She’s always felt an attraction to the tall, handsome Talon, although she only knew him from the times he and his friends frequented the bar for food and drinks and man could these guys eat. When an accidental casual touch alerts Talon that Liberty is his mate he is at first torn between the fact that she is human and the need to devote himself to his pride. Liberty is unprepared for her entrance into the Shifter world.

Liberty and Talon make a good couple. Both strong willed, stubborn and totally committed to each other. They will make mistakes and missteps along the way some worse than others, but at their core is a couple who will fight for each other no matter what.

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