Saturday, 21 April 2018

Cover Reveal: Beautiful Lie by Leah Holt

Beautiful Lie
by Leah Holt 
Coming in May

I woke up lost and confused, with no name, no parents, nothing.
But a boy with kind eyes had decided to help me.
Eight years later and I couldn't imagine my life without him.
I could \spend hours watching him, stroking him, riding him.
Birch was my first everything; my first friend, my first orgasm, my first love.
There was no place on my body his tongue hadn't licked and his fingers hadn't gripped.
I thought we were soul mates. . .
Until I learned his family's secret and the lie that had been fed to me for years.
He said he did it to protect me, he claimed it was all done for love.
Birch promised me forever, but all I felt was betrayal.
He wants me to remember what we have, that the love we feel for each other is real.
I can't deny my feelings for him are still there.
But how can I trust him now?
How could I ever believe another word out of his mouth after what he kept from me?
Even if it was a beautiful lie.

Author Bio:

Growing up in a small town, Leah Holt's imagination was able to run wild. She loves to write romance with intense alpha guys, the ones we all desire but dare not admit to. Who doesn't love a bad boy riddled with muscles and tattoos? 
Writing has become an outlet for her to let out all of the dirty, forbidden thoughts inside of her head.

Book Review: Her Highlander's Desire by A K Michaels

My Review:

Geri Wilder is really good at matching up soul mates, I mean she is really good even across continents good! That's why Tanya in the US teams up with Kirsty in Scotland to see if Geri can match up Tanya's friend Ali and Kirsty 's Beta Dara.

Alinka aka Ali never thought she'd leave the country, never mind travel as far as Scotland! But with her Alpha and his mate's blessing, that's where she finds herself. Mind you she thinks she's going on a kind of cultural exchange, not a mate hunt! Ali is over the moon ecstatic that she's on a plane headed for Scotland, it was on her bucket list.

Dara has always been a cool, calm and collected Beta, but this bonnie lass from the States has his head in a jumble he's even talking in his native gaelic around her and what's worse is that he has to have her in his home for a full 2 weeks! His wolf keeps snapping at him whenever he even thinks of staying away from her.

Dara and Ali both when they first met just thought it was lust at first site but it takes others to make them see the light.

I love how the Alphas from both packs contacted Gerri about one of their pack members who needed to find their mate. Highly recommend you read this book. It's a great story and its a crossover two series A Wolf's Hunger and Paranormal Dating Agency. I know some think that quick reads are not action packed but let me tell you that is not the case here. This book grabbed my interest from the start and held it all the way through.

Who knew that Gaelic could be so sexy! I think I need to go to Scotland and find me a man and learn Gaelic hehe.

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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Pre Order: Wolfborn by Gabriella Messina

(The Bloodline Series #3)
By Gabriella Messina
Release Date: April 24th, 2018
Genres: Paranormal, Urban

“The time will come…when you will have to let out the devil inside yourself…”

Former NYPD detective Samantha Karolyi has enjoyed the peaceful sanctuary of her family’s cabin upstate… a peace that is shattered when she receives a dreaded phone call from the city: Her best friend, Ben Lewis, has vanished. Believing that the Pack, a highly-placed network of werewolves trying to control New York City, is responsible, Sam returns to the city to uncover the truth and fight a formidable foe alongside some unexpected allies.

In love and war, all is not as it seems … 

For werewolf hunter Vincent Kremer, the approaching full moon looms ominously. The midsummer moon makes his urge to turn almost unbearable -- will his love for Sam be enough to help him control the beast that lives within him?

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Pre order: Forbidden Hybrid by TJ Spade and Montana Ash

Forbidden Hybrid
by TJ Spade and Montana Ash.
Releasing: 30th April, 2018


Maeve O’Neill, a cyber-security analyst, is shocked to wake up in a strange bed after a rare night out. She is horrified to discover twin punctures on her neck and claw marks on her hip, because such a combination is not just impossible – it is forbidden.

When she realises she is not alone, but surrounded by three first-responders; Bishop, a surly werewolf homicide detective; Gabriel, a gorgeous human paramedic; and Lucian, a charismatic vampire fireman, Maeve isn’t sure if she has been kidnapped or is living out her wildest fantasies. Unfortunately, the reality of becoming the first hybrid in existence is fraught with danger, and Maeve must work with the three best friends in order to track down the serial killers who changed her life forever.

As the four work side by side to expose a dark conspiracy, the immediate attraction between Maeve and her three saviours becomes a staggering connection. Long-denied desires surface and new foundations are laid, as an unshakeable bond forms, forging the four together for eternity.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Book Review: Lycan Her Mate by Bella Roccaforte

My Review:

This is my first book by this author and it won't be my last. This is Emma and Zane's story.

Zane is half human and half wolf shifter making him a half breed wolf. He seems to be attractived to trouble. His father was the Alpha until Ryland challenged him and killed him. Zane's best friend and fellow pack member ends up contacting Gerri to see what is wrong with him and finds he is going through the Hungry. His Alpha powers are developing and he needs to find his mate and claim her.

Emma has always been shy and attracts the worst types of men. She wants a relationship like her friend Jenn who is moving to New Mexico with her shifter mate. Jenn gives her Gerri Wilder's card and tells her to call and Gerri will match her up with someone. Gerri sees she is Zane's mate when she asks what she wants in a mate.

I loved this story. Emma is a strong and sassy woman. This story has a lot of action. Great story and I highly recommend it.

Is Emma willing to move to his pack? Will Zane kill Ryland and become the Alpha? You will have to read the book to find out.

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