Saturday, 16 June 2018

Book Review: DJ Hot Pants by Ember-Raine Winters

My Review:

This was my first book by the author and it wont be my last.

Poor Courtney is a clumsy girl. She is an author with a love for late night radio. When she first hears the voice of the new DJ hosting the late night show, she immediately falls in love with his voice. While on a run for beer, she trips and falls right into Brice, DJ Hot Pants. What seemed like the most embarrassing moment of her life, turned out to be the perfect opportunity.

Brice is the new DJ for a popular late night radio show. On his first night he gets a call from a voice that captivates him, after forgetting to air her request she calls back a couple more times and there is an easy banter between the two.

I laughed so much reading this. Amazing read full of emotions and feelings loved it. Can't wait to read more from the author and also I'm dying to read more Hot Pants books.

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