Saturday, 16 June 2018

Book Blitz: If Walls Could Talk by FINN

If Walls Could Talk

‘The decision to live a dream, or keep facing reality seems easy enough;
but if you had that choice, what would you choose? The perfect paradise,
or the trial of life? It seems easy enough. But dreams are often twisted
and misconstrued; like a rumour. It could start out innocent enough, but
put it on repeat, and you start to notice the changes.’

Louis Stan had always struggled with letting his walls down and letting
others in. Being gay hadn’t helped, but being an outcast didn’t seem to
be the only problem. He had always tried to see the light, even in the
darkest times, but with each passing day; it gets harder. He becomes
more closed off. Not letting the light reach him.

But as the soft voice of a caring boy slips through his bedroom wall, Louis
finds himself seeing little bits of that light again. But with it, Louis notices
the darkness from the past, he tried to move on from, starts to become

Will this mystery boy help Louis bring down his walls, or will the past
continue to haunt him?

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