Sunday, 29 April 2018

Cover Reveal: Syren's Rebirth by Jennah Thornhill

Syren's Rebirth
(The Syren's Series Book 4)
By Jennah Thornhill

We were where we should be, riding high again in the music world.
After a turbulent year, we’ve all come together as one big family and we’re stronger than ever.
We’ve realised nothing can break the bond that the Syren family has.
We have it all.
Only on a personal level, I don’t have it all.
I’m happy that my boys have found the love of their lives, but at the same time, I want to scream at them - tell them that I was that happy once....
I gave up the one girl who I loved unconditionally to follow my dream with the band, I promised her I would go back for her.
I failed in keeping that promise.
When a new member is added to the Syren workforce my world and heart is crushed, I always thought I had time to make amends.
Turns out, time wasn’t on my side this time.
Landing this job was supposed to be a new start for me, I knew I would have to face him eventually.
But how am I supposed to tell him that she’s dead?
That I’m here to break his heart, yet mend my own at the same time.
Liam Williams left, leaving everyone else to pick up the pieces in his wake.
I’m angry. I’m hurt and at the same time I’m grieving… crying on his shoulder is that last thing I want to do!!!

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