Saturday, 21 April 2018

Book Review: Her Highlander's Desire by A K Michaels

My Review:

Geri Wilder is really good at matching up soul mates, I mean she is really good even across continents good! That's why Tanya in the US teams up with Kirsty in Scotland to see if Geri can match up Tanya's friend Ali and Kirsty 's Beta Dara.

Alinka aka Ali never thought she'd leave the country, never mind travel as far as Scotland! But with her Alpha and his mate's blessing, that's where she finds herself. Mind you she thinks she's going on a kind of cultural exchange, not a mate hunt! Ali is over the moon ecstatic that she's on a plane headed for Scotland, it was on her bucket list.

Dara has always been a cool, calm and collected Beta, but this bonnie lass from the States has his head in a jumble he's even talking in his native gaelic around her and what's worse is that he has to have her in his home for a full 2 weeks! His wolf keeps snapping at him whenever he even thinks of staying away from her.

Dara and Ali both when they first met just thought it was lust at first site but it takes others to make them see the light.

I love how the Alphas from both packs contacted Gerri about one of their pack members who needed to find their mate. Highly recommend you read this book. It's a great story and its a crossover two series A Wolf's Hunger and Paranormal Dating Agency. I know some think that quick reads are not action packed but let me tell you that is not the case here. This book grabbed my interest from the start and held it all the way through.

Who knew that Gaelic could be so sexy! I think I need to go to Scotland and find me a man and learn Gaelic hehe.

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