Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Book Review: The Huntress by Theresa Hissong

My Review:

Another great book by this author. This book comes with a whole heap of trigger warnings. However the violence the heroine suffers is dealt within a respectful manner without being gratuitously graphic or descriptive you know what happens.

She was broken and left for dead. She is now known at The Huntress. She gives families of abused women the vengeance and closure that they need. Yes, she gets paid but she doesn’t do it for the money, which she donates to women’s shelters every year, she does it because no woman should be abused, because she is the only one that can make the abusers pay, and because these women that have been abused are in a way her. Called into a job, she’s tracking a man, who works for a very dangerous club owner Jackson. Jackson is also trying to find his employee.. for the same reasons Morgan is.. to bring justice for the crimes he committed. 

Jackson is a man that hates when a woman is hurt, hates that the woman that he is becoming attracted to is trying to catch a dangerous man, however he also knows how strong she is. Love that rather than try to stop her, Jackson and his men are there when she needs help and he is there when she needs someone to help her see that she doesn’t have stand alone.

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