Sunday, 6 May 2018

Book Review: Fully Loaded by Theresa Hissong

My Review:

Heather is out with her girlfriend, Kiera at a concert when she makes the mistake of looking the sexy bassist on stage straight in the eyes. She thinks its just harmless flirting because he couldn't possibly be flirting with her too. She even allows him in her bed, but she knows better than to allow him in her heart. Heather Rose is a high school history teacher with papers to grade and lesson plans to make. She won't be the woman who hangs onto the rock star. Throw in horrible headaches attacking her balance, making her black out and really just hitting at the wrong times. No family to rely on, she keeps putting off going to see a doctor. 

Donavan is one hell of a rock star, but he's also sweet and down to earth. I love that Donavan proves he more than what Heather thinks is a normal rock star and that Heather went through some tough shit and came out with a man that stood by her, took care of her, and most of all loves her. Donovan is extremely controlling and an alpha male. He likes to control all situations, but he is also hiding some ghosts in his closet that he really needed to come clean on.

I enjoyed every minute of this book. I love a good rock star romance I do I do I do and this author does not disappoint. The characters are so well developed that they jumped off the page.

The muse for Donavan is Matt DiRito, the bassist from the band Pop Evil. The best part about this book is that 50% of the proceeds goes to Matt's wonderful charity Star Treatments. Go check it out and see how you can help!!

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