Saturday, 8 October 2016

Book Review: The Billionaire Shifter’s Curvy Match by Diana Seere

Genre: Paranormal, Adult
Release Date: 13th September 2016
No. of pages: 230
Rating: 5/5


The Billionaire Shifter’s Curvy Match is book #1 in the Billionaire Shifters Club series.

Gavin Stanton, a biotech genius is also a werewolf. Second of five siblings. He went his own way in lift and left the family business but kept the British accent and the family. After weeks of dreaming about a woman he’s never met and driving the Boston streets trying to find the one, he finally finds her in the drug infested back streets.

Lilah Murphy, a curvy blonde is trying to make ends meet not only for herself but her younger sister and mum. But she isn’t having the best of luck. She just lost her temp job and wonders how she is going to move forward. An accident puts her in Gavin’s path. She’s been dreaming about him too. But it isn’t just dreams. It is all about the Beat. She is stunned when he is taken away from her street in a made dash of squealing limo tires. That is the end of it or so she thought.

She sees him days later t her new job at The Platinum Club. A high roller’s bar. No bills. No checks. No credit cards. No tipping. The annual fee too many zeros to count. Gavin and Lilah are constantly drawn together like magnets though they try to fight it. Him because he is afraid she will run because of who and what he is. Her because she is afraid she will lose her job with the no dating the clientele rule.

I really loved this book. It is extremely well written. I could not put it down.  I can’t wait to read book #2 The Billionaire Shifter’s Virgin Mate.

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