Monday, 3 October 2016

Book Review: How to Catch an Heiress by Natalie Rios

Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: 20th September 2016
No. of pages: 250
ISBN: 978-1-535-31880-8
Rating: 5/5


How to Catch an Heiress is book #1 in the Heiress series. But can be read as a standalone.

The story was easy to follow and well written with a storyline that kept me interested throughout.

Liz Rockwell is a divorce attorney in Miami. When she gets stood up in a bar in Las Vegas by her girlfriends where she meets Anthony who helps her drown her sorrows in an expensive bottle of scotch. The next morning they find themselves in the same hotel room without memory of the night before and how they managed to find themselves married to each other. They agree on divorce and part ways.

Anthony Carter has never had an easy life. The only child of a single mother who worked hard just to stay a float, he doesn’t know what it means to be ahead. Leaving MIT to take care of his sick mother and now is in debt up to his eyeballs. Anthony didn’t want to go to Vegas. When he get home and tells his friend Thomas all about his mystery wife who then decides to do some research on her after seeing the photo of the marriage certificate on Anthony’s phone to see who she is and it’s like an answer to all Anthony’s money problems and prayers when they discover that she is none other than Elizabeth Rockwell the Candy Heiress.

This story was fun. The chemistry between Liz and Anthony was hot. Natalie wrote a great book with great characters. I can’t wait for the next book.

*I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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