Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Book Review: A Fabrication of the Truth by Katie Kaleski

Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: 20th September 2016
No. of pages: 250
ISBN: 978-1-535-31880-8
Rating: 5/5


The last time Lexie Stein saw Dalton Reyes he was lying in a pool of blood somewhere between life and death, now five years later he is the new guy in her high school.

Lexie and Dalton are star-crossed lovers who at times seem to have the entire universe conspiring against them.

Just one lie uncovered from Lexie’s past can cause the house of cards she’s so carefully constructed to come crashing down around her and Dalton is the key to that past.

When Dalton opens up about the intervening years and what they mean for his future, Lexie is determined not to let him get away a second time.

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