Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Book Review: Connected by the Sea by E. L. Todd

Genre: Contemporary Romance                                                    
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date: 30th January 2014
No. of pages: 228
ISBN: 978-1-494-48058-5
Rating: 4/5


Connected by the Sea is book #1 in the Hawaiian Crush series.

This is my first E. L. Todd book that I have read.

Sydney is attending University of Hawaii on Oahu. She is majoring in Marine Biology. She loves her friends, job and school. Since her ex-boyfriend cheated on her six months ago she hasn’t moved onto anybody new yet.

Coen is also attending the University of Hawaii and has a class with Sydney. He comes across as a bad boy that breaks hearts wherever he goes but underneath he is anything but that. Coen is a hot and sexy man who has not found Ms. Right until Sydney. He is a lot smarter than anyone gives him credit for.

Coen catches Sydney’s eye she is immediately attracted to him. She refused to let herself feel that way because he is a heartbreaker just like her ex was. But when she is called to her professor’s office because she is asked to tutor someone, she doesn’t realize it is Coen.

The chemistry between Coen and Sydney is explosive. While the relationship seemed to progress very fast I like that they did not get into bed together right away.

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