Thursday, 1 March 2018

Cover Reveal: The Reaper Society by Francesca Vance

The Reaper Society Series 
by Francesca Vance
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Balance In Death (Book 1)

Death can't save everyone

Cole Mackensie is a Reaper, a sect of Angels created to keep the balance between the living and the dead, and he knows when a soul calls, he’s duty bound to answer. He must do what he was created to do. Reap. The loss of lives often leaves him emotionally raw. He can’t have his happily-ever-after, but maybe he can have his happy-right-now.

Cole knows better than to get attached to humans, especially Ava. She is fragile, breakable, and his good friend's daughter. Stubborn and shy, she turns Death himself inside out, but he knows she would eventually want marriage, children and a mate to grow old with. A soul mate. None of which he could give her, but this knowledge does not stop him from craving her.

When her spirit calls out to him one last time, his world is turned upside down. Torn between the balance his Reaper demands and the desire for revenge as a man, Cole knows the choice isn’t easily made. Knowing he can’t fight fate, even for love, doesn’t stop him from trying to solve the mystery. 

The monsters are real, and he has to face the reality that even he can't save everyone. No matter who you are, you can’t fight fate.
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Justice In Death 
Justice often comes in the last place you expect...

Ash Campbell is looking for a promotion in the Guild. When he lands the case of a missing Human and Fae, he'll stop at nothing to close the case. But will he be able to find the missing girls before it's too late?

Sebastian Romero has crossed the line this time. He made a deal he can't deliver on, and now the Reaper’s are involved. He'll soon learn the contractor's justice may not be the justice he should be afraid of.

Cole Mackensie is a Reaper, and when he’s told he has a new Reaper to train, a life he reaped, he refuses. But his new trainee, Jessica, may be more stubborn than he is. 

Their first case lands them in the middle of a war brewing between the Fae, a male-driven society, and the Elves, a matriarchal society. The Elf Queen is hell-bent on preventing the rise of an unwanted heir, and she’ll do nearly anything to stop it.

Will this partnership work or will they ignite a civil war?

Author Bio:

Francesca is a 30-year-old book nerd, hobby photographer, and lover of all things random and weird. She has 3 children, two cats, 3 dogs, and lives in Southern WV with the whole lot and her husband of 14 years.

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