Monday, 31 July 2017

Release Blitz: Krystal Clear by Claire Lalique

Krystal Clear
by Claire Lalique
Series: Shattered #2
Genre: Romantic Suspense


They thought their lives were settled. They were wrong. After rescuing Krystal from the Rattler Kings MC, Samuel promised to love and protect her forever. She trusted him to keep her safe. Then, the Favoloras Cartel roared into town, declaring blood debt. They had to run. How can you keep someone safe when there’s danger at every turn?

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Claire feels like she sprang into existence, a full blown personality, just like her books. She believes she is made from her imaginary dragons that lived in her closet when she was eight, her half feral imaginary friend, Jennifer, who lived in the Girl Scout Camp woods when she was ten and finally started growing up with her Water Brothers when she was sixteen. Claire has had many living reincarnations in her life time before becoming an author. She has been a poet, a healer, midwife, nurse, artisan, mother, grandmother, wife and lover. She and her dear husband (he claims she rescued him, she says it was the other way around) live with their four rescue birds, three rescue dogs and one rescue fish in the wilds of Tennessee in a house with at least two ghosts.

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