Sunday, 4 December 2016

Promo: Larson by Juliana Conners + Giveaway

by Juliana Conners
Published by: Swann Song Books
Publication Date: 2nd December 2016
Genres: Women's Fiction, Crime, Psychological, Action, Adventure, Faimly Saga, Military, Women-centric, Romance, Suspense, Relationship

They’re coming for me. But so is she.

I was a f*cking American hero. I have the medals to prove it. But time’s changed everything and now I’m running from the law.

After what happened to my family, I have no emotion left in me other than bitter hate. The only thing I’m living for is revenge. I’ll make them pay for what they took from me.

The last thing I need is a f*cking distraction.

But along comes Brynn, with her gorgeous eyes and sexy curves that beg me to take her now.

Poor darling’s never even ridden a motorcycle before.
Or me, for that matter.

She has no f*cking idea what’s in store for her.
But then again, neither do I.

I just wanted one night to have my way with her.

She's the complete opposite of me: a lawyer at a fancy firm. And the single mother of an adorable little boy, which is something that hits too close to home.

But she’s like a drug and I’m addicted.

She wasn’t supposed to be here; she’s not a part of my plans.

But plans change, and now I can’t let her go.

Some warnings and some promises: This full-length novel combines sexy and scary in a page-turning suspenseful romance you won't be able to put down. Larson is a standalone with a happy ending and no cliff hanger. It features an ex-military biker with a dirty mouth, super steamy scenes sure to heat up your Kindle, some dark themes and possible triggers, and of course a Happily Ever After between this MC bad boy outlaw and the strong and curvy heroine who melts his heart of steel.

    Author Bio:

    Juliana Conners writes SIZZLING HOT ROMANCE about down and dirty bad boys and the lovely ladies who win their hearts... and their rock hard, tattooed bodies too, of course.

    To keep in touch with Juliana, find her on Facebook or Twitter or visit her website at -- her bad boy webgeek techie husband made it. They live in a warm and sunny climate with their two little boys who are rarely bad, and their three pets who often are.

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