Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Book Review: Ride by Lisa Glass

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Quercus
Release Date: 16th June 2016
No. of pages:  397
ISBN: 978-1-84866-344-2
Rating: 5/5


Ride is the Third and final book in the trilogy Blue.

Iris and Zeke go thru hard times in their lives facing adult decisions and looking for their own identity.

Iris struggles to find her place in Newquay again. She’s a celebrity now, the very definition of a local girl made good in a town where professional surfers are rock stars. She is different. Unwilling to admit the truth, even to herself, Iris lets her emotions overrule her head. She makes some mistakes and has to live with some unpleasant consequences. And every time she surfs, she is reminded of Zeke.

The delicious Zeke is absent for most of the story, but he’s written in so cleverly in flashbacks and conversations that I felt he was just off the page and ready to walk in at any moment.

The event at the end of the book left me almost heartbroken for a bit.

What I love about Lisa’s books is the fact that she shows the way life is, sometimes bumpy and dirty. That nobody is perfect but still we are all worth a lot, even if there are times when we don’t believe in ourselves. I hope to read more of Lisa’s books.

There were so many great characters we had to say goodbye to with this book and I wish the trilogy continued on.

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